VIP & Discount

We care about our customers and are always trying to offer them the best value out of their money. Besides affordable prices, we also offer VIP & Coupons and are open to negotiating exclusive discounts for any creators who are willing to share their experience of using our products.

VIP discount

Whenever a customer makes a successful purchase, we will recalculate the total amount of the spent money (credit) to rank VIP level of that customer. With higher VIP level, customers will get more discounts and privileges:

Credit Level Discount
$100+ VIP1 1%
$200+ VIP2 2%
$300+ VIP3 3%
$400+ VIP4 4%
$500+ VIP5 5%
$600+ VIP6 6%
$700+ VIP7 7%
$800+ VIP8 8%
$900+ VIP9 9%
$1000+ VIP10 10%

* The currency is United States Dollar.

VIP discount is applied automatically for every payment (both one-time and recurring payments, except license upgrades).

Customers who reach $2000+ will be promoted to Super VIP (VIPS). These customers will receive a 30% VIP discount for every applicable payment.

With subscriptions, only the spent money of the first successful purchase will be counted as credit.

Discount coupon

By default, every customer will receive a 20% discount coupon on the first successful purchase and a 10% discount coupon whenever a new VIP level unlocked, one of them for each purchase.

Occasionally, we also gift our customers with special coupons as a token of our appreciation.

Coupons are not stackable, you can only use one coupon per order.

Coupons are not applicable for renewals and license upgrades (only applicable for the first-time purchase of a subscription).

Every unused coupon will expire after one year.

How the total price is calculated?

Upgrading a license

The total price when upgrading a license is the subtraction of the paid amount from the original price of the new plan. For example, when upgrading from a Personal License ($19) to an Expert License ($99), the total price is: $99 - $19 = $80.

Purchasing a lifetime plan

When purchasing a lifetime plan, you can use either VIP or Coupon (one of them only).

The total price is the subtraction of VIP discount or Coupon discount from the original price. For example, if you're VIP5 (5%) and applying a 20% Coupon for a $50 product:

Coupon discount 20% x $50 $10.00
Total price $50 - $10 $40.00

A Coupon discount always takes priority over a VIP discount.

If you don't use the 20% coupon, the total price will be calculated based on your VIP5: $50 - (5% x $50) = $47.50.

Purchasing a yearly plan (subscription)

When purchasing a yearly plan, you can use either VIP or Coupon (one of them only).

It's recommended to use a Coupon when purchasing a subscription and leave VIP discount for all the recurring payments. For example, if you're VIP5 (5%) and applying a 20% Coupon for a $50 subscription:

First-time purchase $50 - (20% x $50) $40.00
Every renewal $50 - (5% x $50) $47.50

If you don't use the 20% coupon, both amounts will be calculated based on your VIP5 (both are $47.50).

Note that if your VIP levels up, the renewal cost will decrease accordingly. For example, if you're VIP10 at the next renewal, the renewal cost will be $50 - (10% x 50) = $45.00.

Last updated on October 3, 2021

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