Elemental Menu

Elemental Menu feature image

A smart, lightweight and intuitive mega menu builder for Elementor artisans.

Key features

  1. Intuitive – Easy to use with intuitive UI. Edit & preview everything directly on the Elementor editor.
  2. RTL-Ready – RTL is ready for both frontend and backend.
  3. Lightweight – Only about 10 KB of compressed CSS and JS. No 3rd libraries.
  4. Portable Data – Just like other Elementor templates, you can import/export a whole mega menu item. Save your time!
  5. Accessibility Ready – Supports a wide range of assistive devices.
  6. Smart Context-Aware – When editing a menu item, entire surrounding elements will be simulated to make everything truly live.
  7. Flexible & Customizable – With tons of controls and layout options, you can customize everything however you want.

And more beautiful features are coming. You can also try it out to see how powerful it is.

What’s news in version 1.0.7?

Version 1.0.7 is a killer update for the upcoming Core Web Vitals. It also comes with unparalleled features which will inspire you. Below are highlighted changes:

Lazy loading

Realizing that our customers have big images and videos inside the mega submenu which will take time to load, we added a new control to enable lazy loading for heavy mega submenus.

Entrance animation

You can now animate any element in a mega submenu with the Entrance Animation:

Zoom In submenu animation

We added a new super smooth submenu animation:

For more amazing news in version 1.0.7, make sure to check out this article.

What’s news in version 1.0.6?

Based on invaluable feedback from users, below are the most-wanted changes we made in this version:

Hybrid mega menu layout

We have some users who need to build a really big mega menu for sites like a super market or a portal. It requires nested mega items inside flyout items that nested inside the top level menu items and a combination of vertical layout with horizontal layout.

It’s a little hard and tricky but we finally made it:

hybrid mega menu layout preview

Accessibility enhanced

Some users reported a bug of discontinuous navigation when navigating links inside a mega item using tab key. We fixed it and also made some accessibility enhancement. You may try it out on the preview page.

Sticky menu header

Now when scrolling down on a long mega menu item, the Paged menu header will stick to the top of the menu to help users navigate your nav menu more easily.

sticky paged menu header preview

We also fixed the whitespace issue caused by the difference between the height of the main menu and sub menus.

Auto update

Now, you don’t have to manually update the plugin anymore. Once you activated your license, the plugin will receive updates automatically via the the WordPress auto-update system.

Those are the most important things we want to highlight. Below is a full list of changes in version 1.0.6:

Bug fixes

  1. Discontinuous navigation inside mega items.
  2. Submenus keep flickering when using FadeInUp animation.
  3. Dropdown Mobile Menu automatically closes when scrolling.

New features

  1. Disable menu item link.
  2. Hybrid mega menu layout.
  3. Border radius for flyout submenu.
  4. Control to reset Paged Mobile Menu after closing.
  5. Borderline for top level items of the Desktop Menu.
  6. Icon for closing state of the Custom Toggle Icon Type.
  7. Control to set min-height of Paged Mobile Menu to avoid jumping elements which are inserted after the nav menu.


  1. Remove H4 tag from Paged mobile layout for better SEO.
  2. Paged Layout’s Heading now supports regular image formats.


  1. Requires Elementor version 2.9.4 at least.
  2. No longer support “.elementor-row” HTML class in favor of Elementor’s Optimized DOM Output.