Elemental Menu

Elemental Menu feature image

A smart, lightweight and intuitive mega menu builder for Elementor artisans.

Key Features

  1. Intuitive – Easy to use with intuitive UI. Edit & preview everything directly on the Elementor editor.
  2. RTL-Ready – RTL is ready for both frontend and backend.
  3. Lightweight – Only about 13 KB of compressed CSS and JS. No third-party libraries.
  4. Portable Data – You can import/export a menu item as an Elementor template to use later. Save your time!
  5. Automatic Updates – Once licensed, the plugin will receive updates automatically.
  6. Accessibility Ready – Support a wide range of assistive devices.
  7. Smart Context-Aware – When editing a menu item, entire surrounding elements will be simulated to make everything truly live.
  8. Flexible & Customizable – With tons of controls and layout options, you can customize everything however you want.

You may try it out to see how powerful it is! Below are some highlights you may like:

Super Fast

The fastest menu addon for Elementor you could find out there might be the Max Mega Menu plugin. Elemental Menu is even faster than it. If you use the Network tool on the Chrome DevTools, you will find out that assets’ size of Elemental Menu is about 1/3 assets’ size of the Max Mega Menu. With GZIP compression enabled, the size of all Elemetal Menu assets is around 13KB.

Besides lightweight assets, Elemental Menu also comes with a custom menu rendering mechanism and lazy loading to reduce the TTFB.

Super Intuitive

If you try the live menu editor on the preview page or watch the speeddesign video, you will find out that creating a stunning mega menu is super easy. No learning curve. With smart-context aware and live controls, you can get started building right away like a pro.

Super Flexible & Customizable

With hundreds of controls and unique layouts, it’s up to your creativeness to create unparalleled menus:

Stunning Submenu Animation

Elemental Menu comes with unparalleled submenu animations which will make your mega menus more impressive.

Fullscreen Menu with Custom Animation

An accessible fullscreen menu is always the best choice for creative websites (How to create it?).

With Magnet Thumbnails (How to create it?)

Animated Off-Canvas Menu

A simple but popular off-canvas menu (How to create it?).

accessible animated off-canvas menu

Paged Menu Layout

An off-canvas menu with sliding submenus and sticky top bar is just amazing for Mobile experience.

sticky paged menu header preview

Those are just some highlighted features, feel free to try it out to enjoy its quality.